Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weight Watchers Topic of the Week & Other Stuff

Firstly, I need to say something...

I'm obsessed with this blog right now.  It's all I think about.

"Oh!  I could post that on the blog!"

"Ooooo...that would make a good topic for the blog!"

"Huh...maybe I should mention this on the blog..."


The Weight Watchers meeting topic today involved small changes and "the ripple effect".  Essentially, making one or two small changes will radiate to other areas and those other areas will start to improve, and so on. 

So, the leader asked us to write down our one thing we wanted to do this week and I wrote "exercise at least 3 times."  I'm so not feeling the exercise thing yet.  I WANT to feel it.  I WANT to do it, but can't seem to get my butt moving.  I bought a new pair of workout pants today, though, because I AM going to exercise at least 3 times this week!

I went to the movie and I did order the small popcorn.  I also ordered a "small" Diet Pepsi instead of a large, but that small was pretty big.  I didn't finish it though.  I also have to confess that when the girl asked me if I wanted butter on my popcorn, I said yes.  I've been thinking about this a lot and replaying it in my mind where I say "no" instead.

Afterwards, I hit Toys R Us to do a little birthday gift shopping for my niece.  And I bought a Pepsi Max.  After I bought it, I thought...a water would have been better. 

AND...we ended up dining on Taco Bell tonight.  I'm eating way too much fast food.  My ex would have pointed that out to me lightening quick-like.  So I'm pointing it out to myself. 

Tomorrow, I am going to try to have a fast food free day.

So, despite the Sausage McGriddle for breakfast, the Taco Bell for dinner, and the buttered popcorn at the movie theatre (wow...that sounds horribly gluttonous)...I still did better today than I normally would have.  Normally, I might have had 2 McGriddles and maybe a hashbrown to boot.  I would have ordered a LARGE buttered popcorn just for myself and a LARGE regular soda.  I would have probably thrown a couple of apple empanadas on top of my meal at dinner along with another LARGE regular soda.  So, that's pretty damn good. 

If I could change anything, I would have told them no to the butter (but still had the small popcorn), not gotten the Pepsi Max at Toys R Us, planned better for breakfast, and planned better for dinner.  So, I think a lot of where I stumble involves planning.

Now, for your viewing pleasure...the photograph I mentioned the other day of me at Disney World meeting Mickey and Minnie.  I conveninently cropped out my face, my sister, Mickey and Minnie (to protect their identities) and I think we can all agree I did a bang up job painting my niece out of the photo too!

Please note the cellulite dripping off my upper arms, the pants that are skin tight, the gut, and the fat and swollen lower leg region.  Also, my really great farmer's tan.  My body looks like a fat old lady's body.  I'm just blown away at how big and out of shape I have gotten.

I can't throw in the towel this time.  I just can't.  My life really depends on it.

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