Sunday, July 7, 2013

On Exercise

I don't know how many more days I'm going to be doing these multiple posts, but I'm a teacher and have another 5 weeks (I think) off, so....but I will say, it's definitely helping to keep my motivated, even if there is no one out there actually reading other than the spam companies that keep flooding to my blog and driving my stats up! exercise....I completed my second day just now and noticed a few things. 

1.  I'm so super out of shape that the first 10-15 minutes hurts like a mother.  My legs start aching and screaming at me.  And dude, it's not like I'm doing 30 Day Shred.  I'm just doing a little Leslie Sansonne Walk At Home DVD. 

2.  After the first 10-15 minutes (and I mentioned this earlier), my legs hurt less and I start to feel super empowered!

3.  I own a whole library of Leslie Sansonne videos, but I chose this one that I lost a ton of weight with before (also falling a healthy diet, of course), because it reminds me of a time I succeeded.  I have some newer videos, but I smell failure everytime I even glance in their direction, so it will be awhile before I want to pull those puppies out.

Now...onto another topic on my mind called....Running.

I desperately want to be one of those 5K every weekend kind of girls!  I actually did the first run from Couch to 5K three separate times last year, but could never get the courage up to continue.  Of course, I weighed well over 300 pounds then too.  My knees are so incredibly fucked up right now, that I can't even begin to imagine trying to start running again right now. is definitely something I'll be looking forward to once I start shedding these pounds and getting my body back into fighting shape! 

Meanwhile, completed un-weight related (gasp!), I saw World War Z yesterday, which was okay.  It was nothing like the book.  I'm a bit of a zombie freak.  I also love anything post-apocalyptic/dystopia related, so I'm reading a bunch of different young adult series that fall into that category right now.  Currently, I'm reading Matched (I can't remember the author's name) and it's terribly enjoyable.  Very Hunger Games-esque. 

So, if you are out there, please leave me a comment and tell me two things:  1.  What kind of exercise do you like to do and 2.  What kind of books do you enjoy?

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