Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Food Journal

Here's my first weekly food journal!  Of course, this week only consists of two days.  Even so, I found this immensely helpful!

Wednesday, I did pretty good.  Lunch could have been healthier.  Thursday, being the 4th of July, I was faced with some big temptations.  I went to a state park with a bunch of friends and we had a cookout.  I ended up having both a hamburger AND a hot dog, as well as potato salad and 3 brownie bites. 

Then my sister and I stopped by Wendy's last in the evening and got dinner.  So, that was another hamburger.  I mean, seriously.

However, old me would have gotten a full on combo meal with fries and a big burger in addition to the Wendy's frosty cone and iced tea.  The Wendy's Frosty cone is only 8 PP, which surprised me.  I thought it would be upwards of 10!  Old me also would have eaten the entire tray of brownie bites (plus a few of the cookies that were hanging around), instead of stopping at 3.  Also, there were chips and I passed those over completely.

So, I did go over my points yesterday, but I had earned 9 activity points and dipped into my 49 weekly points. 

I also learned some potato salad is crazy high in Points Plus.  Which should probably be obvious since it is basically a vat of mayonnaise with some potatoes thrown in for good measure.  So, in the future, I will take a smaller portion, if any.  I fully intended to just eat the hamburger, but the hot dog started calling my name shortly thereafter. So, in the future, I will find a way to make myself busy and distract myself from the siren's call of the hot dog.  Another self-tip for future picnics and BBQs...bring a healthy salad, some fruit, and or some other vegetable side dish to fill up on, possibly foregoing the potato salad all together! 

So here's a screen capture of my spreadsheet tracker for the past two days.  It's not very fancy, as I am only literate in the very very basics of Excel!

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