Monday, July 29, 2013

Random Facts

Here is a random list of facts about me:

*I'm obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World.
*I have severe anxiety issues.
*I love my three year old niece as if she was my own child.  In fact, sometimes I forget she's not actually my daughter.
*I want to have a big, girly lesbian wedding with the girl of my dreams (who as far as I can tell, does not exist).
*In addition to my obsession with Mickey & Disney, I'm also very obsessed with pin-up modeling (looking at, not doing...puhlease), 1940s and 1950s fashion and hair styles, and big band, swing, and rockabilly music.
*This fast-approaching school year will be my 9th year as a teacher.
*I turn 38 in two weeks.
*I want children and can feel my biological clock tick, tick, ticking away faster and faster by the second...and I'm not really sure what to do about that at this exact point in time.
*I was named after my grandmother, my great aunt, and my mom.
*Even though I call myself a lesbian, I still find myself attracted to men from time to time.
*I love spending time outdoors, even if it's only to sit on the back porch with a Diet Coke and a book.
*I have a dog - she's a yellow lab mix and my anxiety kicks into overdrive anytime I have to take her to the vet, because she's a holy terror.  Not in a loveable, wacky sort of way - like a demon from hell sort of way.
*I'm both terrified and excitedly hopeful about the future.
*I start a ton of projects with great passion and very seldom see them through.
*I am constantly overwhelmed by all my interests and all the things I want to do to the point that it usually paralyzes me and keeps me from getting anything done at all!

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