Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Week

So things are still going along swimmingly.  The past two days haven't been perfect, but they've been much improved.

Last Sunday, I was back up to 343.  Today (my official weigh-in day), I'm down almost 8 lbs at 335.4.  I've been listening to a new podcast called Half-Size Me, which has really given me some food for thought.  The woman who does the Podcast lost 170 lbs, most of it on Weight Watchers.  She said she created benchmarks for herself and what I took from this was a goal of losing 6 lbs every 6 weeks, which, of course, works out to 1 lb a week.  OMG.  Light bulb moment.  How doable is that?  Ummm...very.

It's funny, because it's not like this is a suddenly new concept to me or anything, but somehow it just really clicked.  I went through the calendar on my phone and set my 6 lbs/6 week goals and if I truly only do lose a pound a week, it will take me til my 41st birthday in August of 2016 to get there.  And somehow, I'm okay with that.

A friend of mine reminded me that the time will still pass anyway.  Might as well pass it getting healthier.

In other news, I'm planning on doing massive quantities of alcohol drinking tonight, so I've planned my food accordingly. 

And that is all for now.

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