Sunday, April 14, 2013

If It's Not Nailed Down...

...then today I've eaten it. 

I was supposed to go to a family birthday party, but a headache kept me at home.  I've also decided to be all down in the dumps over my ex and have been bored out of my skull to boot, so my mood is at a low point.  I am NOT in a happy place!

This morning, I did my usual cereal and coffee breakfast as I took in some Nerdist and Orphan Black that I had DVRed last night.  No problem.  Then somehow, I slipped some peanut butter pretzels WITH cookie butter in for  "snack".  Okay, I counted them out, I can track it...still not a huge deal.

Then I walked by the pb pretzels and cookie butter a bit later.  Now we are at a standing-in-the- kitchen-and-dipping-said-pretzels-into-the-cookie-butter-and-eating-them-right-there place. 

Me:  Oh, is this really happening? 
My Inner Food Demon:  Hell, yeah, it is.
Me:  Oh, okay.  But now it's time to knock it off.
Food Demon:  Shucks.

That was followed up at some point by 6 (2 servings) of the Trader Joe's milk chocolate peanut butter cups that should never have found their way into my cart on Friday night.

Lunch - hell, some frozen pastry bites sound like a good idea.  And they were DELICIOUS.  Until just a short while ago when I found out I consumed 19 points eating those little puppies.

My sister made a Braum's run for her lunch.  For those of you are not Texans (I think Braum's only exists in Texas) and unfamiliar with the atrocity of delicious sin that is Braum's, it's like a Dairy Queen, but loftier.  Slightly. 

Food Demon:  Fro yo?
Me:  Don't mind if I do!
Weight Watchers Tracker:  That will be 12 Points Plus.  Please and thank you.

So it's now 4:50 PM.  I have consumed every last one of my daily PP and have only 10 weekly PP remaining.  I have tracked everything I've eaten.  And that is all.  Binge over.  Back on the wagon. 

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